Precious metals in your
digital wallet.

Welcome to Golteum. Discover unparalleled transparency and accessibility with our revolutionary Web3 trading platform.

Next generation investing.

Our cutting-edge platform combines precious metals and cryptocurrency trading into one seamless interface.
Precious Metals

Buy, sell, and redeem NFTs (ERC-1155) backed 1:1 by real world assets. Our treasury is monitored 24/7 via Chainlink Proof of Reserve.


Easily exchange fiat, crypto, and precious metals all in one place; with institutional grade security provided by Fireblocks.


Set stop orders, receive price alerts, place limit orders, and effortlessly track your holdings 24/7. Easily swap between common crypto trading pairs along with gold, silver, and platinum.


KYC verified users can confidently and securely request the delivery of their precious metals holdings. Leveraging the industry-leading KYC provider, Veriff, we ensure a robust redemption process that guarantees security and compliance.


Unlock the potential of your asset backed tokens by leveraging our designated financing partner to borrow against them. Golteum facilitates seamless access to lending services while retaining ownership of your assets.


Precious metals serve as a remarkable and cherished gift to commemorate special occasions. Whether it's a significant milestone, a momentous achievement, or a heartfelt expression of appreciation, recipients will most certainly appreciate your kind gesture.


Safeguard your precious metals by depositing them with Golteum for a comprehensive range of services. Our platform provides verification, authentication, and secure storage solutions, ensuring the utmost protection for your valuable assets.


Track your holdings with ease through token metadata and comprehensive transaction history. View detailed information about your assets, including origin and chain of custody.

The GLTM Token

Our utility token grants exclusive access to products and services across the Golteum Ecosystem.
  • Trading Discounts
  • Rewards Program
  • Staking
  • Advanced Analytics
  • Priority Support
  • Premium Features
  • Community Engagement
  • Partnership Benefits

CertiK Security Audit

Full smart token security audit by Certik. Independent audits provide another layer of transparency which in turn increases investor confidence.
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Full Team KYC & Doxx

Six members of the team fully verified by Certik. This KYC verification adds a higher level of trust to investors by fully revealing our core team’s details.
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Our Roadmap

At present, our development team is working diligently to get the platform up and running as soon as possible. Meanwhile ensuring the security and reliability of our platform through a comprehensive smart contract audit via CertiK. Our collaboration with leading Web3 infrastructure provider, Fireblocks, further strengthens our foundation.


Most recently, joining the Chainlink BUILD Program has accelerated our product development timeline. Excitingly, our token launch is on the horizon, marking a significant milestone in our roadmap as we progress towards the realization of our vision.

  • Doxxed Team
  • CertiK Audit & KYC
  • Fireblocks Partnership
  • Chainlink BUILD Program


Phase I

• Build & launch website

• Establish social media presence
• Publish official Whitepaper
• Launch smart contract
• Fireblocks partnership
• Safe integration


Phase II

• CoinGecko listing

• CoinMarketCap lisiting
• Chainlink Proof of Reserve
• Begin app development
• Second CertiK audit
• Token launch
• Uniswap listing


Phase III

• CEX listings

• Launch trading platform
• Launch staking & lending protocols
• Launch Golteum Forge
• Final CertiK audit

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Golteum tokens?

Golteum’s tokens are the utility tokens of our ecosystem serving as the base currency between precious metals in the real world and the blockchain enabled Golteum’s platform.

What is the official token address of GLTM?

The smart contract address of GLTM is TBC. You can find the verified smart contract of the GLTM token on

When will I receive my purchased tokens?

You will receive your tokens at the end of our presale. You will be able to claim your tokens on the same page from which you made the purchase.

How can I participate in the token presale?

Sign up for our presale here:

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can use any of the major crypto currencies, such as BTC, ETH, BNB, USDT, SOL, ADA and many other currency types, a full list can be found on our platform.

What is the minimum purchase amount of GLTM during the public presale?

You can buy as little as $50 of $GLTM tokens during the presale.


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